, officially the French Republic (French: République française [ʁepyblik fʁɑ̃sɛz]), is a sovereign state comprising territory in western Europe and several overseas regions and territories. The European part of France, called metropolitan France, extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean. France spans 643,801 square kilometres (248,573 sq mi) and has a total population of 66.6 million. It is a unitary semi-presidential republic with the capital in Paris, the country's largest city and main cultural and commercial centre. The Constitution of France establishes the state as secular and democratic, with its sovereignty derived from the people.

During the Iron Age, what is now Metropolitan France was inhabited by the Gauls, a Celtic people. The Gauls were conquered in 51 BC by the Roman Empire, which held Gaul until 486. The Gallo-Romans faced raids and migration from the Germanic Franks, who dominated the region for hundreds of years, eventually creating the medieval Kingdom of France. France emerged as a major European power in the Late Middle Ages, with its victory in the Hundred Years' War (1337 to 1453) strengthening French state-building and paving the way for a future centralized absolute monarchy. During the Renaissance, France experienced a vast cultural development and established the beginning of a global colonial empire. The 16th century was dominated by religious civil wars between Catholics and Protestants (Huguenots).


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20 of the world's best soups

Henry Herald 25 Feb 2021
It's a definition that leaves room for the world's astonishing culinary diversity ... Pho is among Vietnam's most recognized culinary exports, but the soup is a relatively new food, wrote Andrea Nguyen, author of "The Pho Cookbook." ... France ... Now, the soup is a culinary star from upscale cafes to rural kitchens, the definition of down-home comfort food.

Eating At Desk No Longer Illegal In French Offices Due To Covid-19

Forbes 23 Feb 2021
Before Covid-19, eating at your desk in France wasn't just frowned upon, it was illegal. A reversal is now allowing people to eat by themselves in the office–just one of the many culinary changes taking place in France during the pandemic ... .

‘Ideology on a plate’: Row after French city takes meat off menu for schoolchildren

The Independent 22 Feb 2021
The mayor of Lyon has been accused of harming the health of schoolchildren by taking meat off school lunch menus in the city ... He wrote on Twitter ... SIGN UP ... Lyon is renowned for its meat-focused cuisine and is largely regarded as the culinary capital of France. However, vegetarianism is on the rise in France, with sales of meat-free products increasing.

The Palamanui Palate: Chef Fernand Guiot brings decades of experience to the classroom

West Hawaii Today 09 Feb 2021
I would later learn his baking experience extends all the way back to his boyhood in France when at age 12, he began helping in his uncle’s bakery. He then received his diploma from a culinary school in his hometown of Clermont Ferrand in central France.

Status Update: Free tax prep returns, with contactless, virtual options

Orange County Register 08 Feb 2021
In a socially distant pandemic age, tax preparation is the latest piece of life that has moved to the virtual realm ... This year, the program is offering three ways of filing ... 10 through April 7 ... Show Caption ... A native of France, Dubray has some 40 years of culinary experience, and Rizco has 30 years of experience working at Southern California resorts ... .

Celebrity Chef Alex Guarnaschelli Reimagines Pasta Night With ZENB Pasta Made From 100% Yellow Peas

Crossville Chronicle 03 Feb 2021
Chef Alex Guarnaschelli is a world-renowned chef who, after attending La Varenne Culinary School in Burgundy, France, began her international culinary journey training in Paris and New York with some of the world's most acclaimed chefs including Guy Savoy and Daniel Boulud.

Friday briefing: Weekend storm, more vaccination details, and plane damaged landing at Davenport Airport

Dispatch Argus 29 Jan 2021
Rick Rector. A winter storm is forecast to move across much of the area this weekend, and will have the potential to bring greater than 6 inches of snow, a little ice and gusty winds ... Some cities have implemented bans, ostensibly to protect local culinary traditions, and right-wing politicians in France have called for limits on doner kebab vendors ... .

A Michelin star after two months for ‘new African cuisine’ of Mory Sacko, whose Mosuke ...

South China Morning Post 26 Jan 2021
It took Mory Sacko just weeks to break into the illustrious circle of Michelin laureates with his ...

Africa with a twist: Paris chef Sacko cuisine wins Michelin star

Urdu Point 24 Jan 2021
The tall 28-year old was already a star on French culinary tv show Top Chef when the Guide Michelin awarded his restaurant "Mosuke" a star this week, the first in France for a cuisine centered on west and central African culinary traditions ... ....

Palm Beach dining: Chef shares his love of paella

Palm Beach Daily News 20 Jan 2021
In his early career alone, when he led the culinary team of a busy waterfront restaurant, he was making paella 15-plus times a night, he reckons ... It also was where he mastered the country's culinary canon before working as a chef in France, Italy, and Morocco ... a culinary adviser.

Best comfort foods in the Long Beach area: Elbows Mac N’ Cheese in Cerritos

Press Telegram 15 Jan 2021
Editor’s note ... It traveled from France and Italy to England, where it became a culinary object of desire — there are two recipes for macaroni and cheese in the iconic Mrs ... It’s long been part of our culinary DNA ... They don’t use anything even vaguely like Kraft, which is a study in culinary chemistry and artificial ingredients ... .

Japan's 'Kill Bill' restaurant comes to Dubai, plus four more new UAE restaurants

The National 15 Jan 2021
As you wait for the slew of stylish restaurants meant to open in Dubai later this year, here are five of the newest kids on the culinary block. Gonpachi. One of Japan’s most popular restaurant is rarely known by its original name ... Aiza ... France and Russia are not exactly culinary bedfellows, which is what makes this restaurant all the more intriguing ... .

What's on? 10 top telly tips for Tuesday January 12

RTE 12 Jan 2021
Tonight's top TV tips includes the excellent Fargo, The Style Counsellors visit a sheep farmer, Channel 4 asks Are Women the Fitter Sex? and 12 Dope Queens lands on Sky Comedy . . Pick of the Day. Fargo, 10.30pm, TG4 ... ... Endurance ... Rick Stein's Secret France, 7.25pm, RTÉ2. In which the amiable English chef takes a culinary tour of France ... .